My sheep hear my voice,
and I know them,
and they follow me

[John 10:27]

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Welcome to Servants of the Lord Ministries My Name is Dr Keith Jenkins Today I am sharing a message called, “darkly” The word darkly can be translated Dimly. Paul made no excuses for growing up spiritually. He grew quickly by obeying when he did not see clearly. God has providing everything you need to obey perfectly. Even this world passing away is an opportunity to live the life He intended trusting God with all your heart God bless you as you listen.

Latest book


The third book in the series, WAKE UP! TIME IS RUNNING OUT, explains the instructions you need to obey to become a mature, functioning member in the Body of Christ. If you love God with your whole heart, listen attentively to the Holy Spirit, and consistently submit to the Lord, you will grow up spiritually. If Jesus Christ is your first love and the Lord of your life, He will prepare you to fit in His Body.

WAKE UP! TIME IS RUNNING OUT, VOLUME III focuses on how to be spiritually mature. Your life will produce eternal results as you faithfully obey God. When you step into your callings, you will continue to receive deeper truths from the Holy Spirit.
When you are mature, you no longer think or act as a child but function as a spiritual adult. This book will help you see what you have been given from God and how to fulfill the unique callings and purposes He has planned for you.

Founder of the ministry
Joseph C. Hedgecock (1942-2021)

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

His hope was unfading. He helped people everywhere to know God. He believed the best way to help someone was to connect them to God and that the Father would sort out all their opinions and differences. All he ever wanted was to help people develop their love relationship with the Lord. Joseph’s motive was never to impress or gain man’s approval! Love was his only motive. This was the pure foundation of everything he did in his life and ministry. He was a wonderful example of a husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Joseph will live on in our memories. His books will help us apply what we have already received through his messages! You may regret not having spent more time with him on his many trips. However, his focus in all his conversations always came back to the shortcomings of our relationships with the Lord. This showed his love and commitment to the Lord to help us all. If we are to celebrate his life, then Joseph would want it to be in a way that resulted in a commitment to remove any remaining hindrances that separate us from our loving Heavenly Father so that we can finish our race of faith!

Commission of the ministry
The commission of Servants of the Lord Ministries

This is the commission of the ministry that God gave to the founder, Brother Joseph Hedgecock, many years ago:

"I have children in every nation, and you have brothers and sisters, whose hearts are crying out to me. They have sought me for ministry, blessings, and gifts. I have given them those things and it has blessed them but there is a part of their spirit that it never fulfilled that is reserved for an intimate relationship with Me. Now their hearts are crying out to Me, just for Me. That is who I am sending you to, because I don’t want them to take the years it took you to get to Me, because there was no-one to show you how at the time."

Servants of the Lord Ministries is a teaching and training ministry sent to the body of Christ to reach people with a heart after God.